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Why Execution Fails (2nd Edition) - Paperback

Why Execution Fails (2nd Edition) - Paperback

SKU:by John Fortin, 110 pages

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In this second edition of Why Execution Fails and What to Do About It, there is an added focus on the executive sponsor role. As a key stakeholder for supporting corporate initiatives, there is little to no guidance or training provided for this role. The new Chapter 4 titled "The ART of Executive Sponsorship" promises to provide a robust framework that will help formalize and operationalize this critical role to coordinate, own and drive change efforts to successful completion.

Industry studies have documented that approximately seventy percent of change initiatives fail to deliver expectations. This book is based on proven execution techniques that will provide a simple formula and "how to" examples to help dramatically improve change success rates. The DELTA FORCE model will provide the silver bullet formula for successful execution.

The DELTA FORCE model for execution excellence is built on over eighteen years of proven success helping companies and executives accelerate and deliver real value from technical initiatives, such as asset performance and reliability management change initiatives. The concepts are simple and the model has been developed to help identify and simplify the various components. DELTA focuses on successful execution process steps and FORCE provides execution imperatives, sometimes referred to as critical success factors. In short, the DELTA FORCE's model has been developed to close the gap, accelerate change and deliver return on investment (ROI).

Why Execution Fails and What to Do About It is written around the proven execution excellence elements and is supplemented with real-life stories and anecdotes that have helped shape the DELTA FORCE model.

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