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The Relativity of Continuous Improvement - Paperback

The Relativity of Continuous Improvement - Paperback

SKU:by Dr. Klaus Blache, 142 pages

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Being a Leader in Reliability means having those tough conversations while also serving excellence.

This book encapsulates our Leadership for Reliability Domain within our Uptime Elements Framework

To be excellent in business, you need a vision with a clearly defined purpose. By successfully managing the cultural changes and continuous improvement, you transition your organization’s vision into reality.

The Relativity of Continuous Change allows you to learn how to change and sustain the behavior of the individual and, collectively, the team as the foundation of ongoing improvement and striving to be the best.

Chapter 1 Continuous Improvement and Change Management begins with an overview on the current state of continuous improvement and focuses on the importance of workforce culture and process.

Chapter 2 Change Implementation Concepts and Models reviews select basic historical models used for implementations of change.

Chapter 3 Using Lean Tools and Other Techniques for Continuous Improvement is an overview of multiple methods utilized to make improvements.

Chapter 4 Enablers for Successful Change and Sustainable Continuous Improvementfocuses on the success factors for implementing change and discusses the need for understanding the value and roles of individuals, teams, leaders and followers.

Chapter 5 Model for Sustainable Change elaborates on what happens when employees are and are not engaged.

Chapter 6 Sustaining Change hones in on changing the thinking process to enable, deploy and support ongoing change.

Chapter 7 It’s Up to You is all about doing something to get the change process started and making a positive difference.

It’s about steady continuous improvement – lots of little changes and some big ones.

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