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The Journey - Paperback

The Journey - Paperback

SKU:by Steven J. Thomas, 298 pages

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Written in a very engaging manner, this book teaches the essential concepts associated with change management related to industrial maintenance reliability improvements in a highly unique manner. It is not a textbook, but rather a business novel in which the main character, Todd Bradley struggles to learn the skills necessary to save his company, his plant, and in many ways himself. While the storyline is fictional account about business change made in a plant environment, readers will quickly realize that the tools found here can be successfully applied in all lines of business. Anyone working to make a change for the better in their business will benefit from this book. This book should be read by plant managers, operations managers, maintenance managers and reliability engineers or anyone involved with ensuring uptime and reliable plant operation.

Human Capital Management

Competence Based Learning

Displaying Integrity

Supporting Others on their Reliability Journey

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