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Maintenance 4.0 Implementation Handbook - Paperback

Maintenance 4.0 Implementation Handbook - Paperback


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As the industrial world embarks on a path toward Maintenance 4.0 – a core foundation of Industry 4.0 – many plants seem stuck in neutral and are not moving beyond the pilot phase. Embracing innovation while discarding legacy know-how creates a risk to an organization’s competitive strengths. While there are theoretical frameworks to address this risk, the chasm between strategy and implementation cannot be crossed unless organizations can progress through all stages of the journey.

The Maintenance 4.0 Implementation Handbook provides a step-by-step guide for the entire Maintenance 4.0 implementation team. It covers a range of issues, including how to prioritize assets for deployment, the specific elements to include when forecasting investment returns and how to scale solutions across an organization. The Handbook contains practical tools and exercises for both senior managers planning for Maintenance 4.0 and plant-level employees responsible for deployment.

Written by the co-founding team of Presenso, the Handbook includes best practices from deploying artificial intelligence-driven industrial analytics at some of the world’s largest industrial plants. In addition, it provides insights from leading industry-recognized operations and maintenance practitioners. In this way, the implementation team can learn from the contributors’ successes and failures, avoiding some of the inevitable implementation roadblocks. If executed correctly, Maintenance 4.0 will reshape the industrial domain. In an era of disruptive innovation, it is discipline, conservative investments and old-fashioned executional excellence that will separate the winners from the losers.

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