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Failure Analysis Made Simple: Shafts and Fasteners - Paperback

Failure Analysis Made Simple: Shafts and Fasteners - Paperback

SKU:by Neville W. Sachs, 102 pages

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Written by Neville Sachs, 102 pages


One of the benefits of understanding how to diagnose machinery failures is that the failed part tells an amazing amount about the causes. In most cases, you can look at the broken pieces and, with proper lighting, almost immediately tell what type of force is responsible. The failure will tell you the direction and the magnitude of the force, whether it was applied once or many times, and whether corrosion or wear was involved. With that knowledge of the physical mechanisms, corrective action can begin almost immediately.

This is the second in a series of books on mechanical equipment failure analysis. Like the previous volume, it is written as a basic text, but with the hopes that even experienced analysts will use it as a refresher and will enjoy the failure examples.

Also, like Failure Analysis Made Simple: Bearings and Gears, this book is written to help the analyst accurately understand the physical causes of the failure, so they can then find and eliminate the human and latent causes, with the ultimate goal of making their plant more reliable.

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