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Embrace Industry 4.0 - Digital Download - E-book

Embrace Industry 4.0 - Digital Download - E-book

SKU:By Gail Petersen, 107 pages

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The aim of this book is to inspire talented and dedicated employees at all levels to be engaged and empowered to lead and be successful in the journey towards Industry 4.0.

Inside these pages you will read about a fresh, rigorous approach to a embark on a journey or to change course in implementing Industry 4.0. The book highlights the type of change required for asset-intensive organizations to embrace and sustain Industry 4.0 initiatives. Industry 4.0 provides a convergence of operational, informational and engineering technologies, and possibilities that did not exist a decade ago. The fourth Industrial Revolution combined with generative artificial intelligence will reshape how

we live and work. Traditional business models have become inefficient, ineffective and too costly. The authors share their experience and knowledge to guide business leaders on the journey towards Industry 4.0. The world is changing quickly, providing an opportunity to create something better and build a sustainable and resilient future.

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