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Beyond Planning and Scheduling - Paperback

Beyond Planning and Scheduling - Paperback

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  • Written by J.R. Paul Lanthier, 


Resource shortages and high staff turnover underscore the importance of a structured, team-based approach to managing our physical assets. This shift in our workforce is an opportunity to rethink the way we manage our maintenance function to make the best use of available skills and experience, maximize team performance, and accelerate the onboarding process. Maintenance is no longer just a technician's job; it encompasses production, maintenance management, inventory management, purchasing, contract management, engineering, planning, and scheduling. All these roles and responsibilities must be defined and managed to ensure an efficient maintenance function and maximize profitability. Beyond Planning and Scheduling: Team-Based Work Control Management provides a detailed overview of the work control management process, from work identification to planning, scheduling and execution. It is as much a guide to building a world-class maintenance organization as it is a reference manual to help your team stay focused and adapt to change.

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