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Asset Strategy Management ASMx - Paperback

Asset Strategy Management ASMx - Paperback

SKU:by Jason Apps, 174 pages

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  • Written by Jason Apps, 174 pages


Over the past decade, the reliability and maintenance discipline has seen significant ever-shifting business climates, organizational structure changes, increased performance accountability, and of course, the explosion of the digital era, technology advancement and big data. For many organizations, though, their process of managing reliability strategies has remained the informal at best, nonexistent at worst. Which is why most organizations, no matter what they try, continue to be plagued with poor performance, unplanned failures, high costs and significant risk. Enter asset strategy management ASMx, a transformative framework for continuous reliability improvement. Asset Strategy Management A Leader's Guide to Reliability Transformation in the Digital Age articulates the value delivered by ASM, why it's needed, what it involves and how to implement ASM to enable a culture of reliability that will translate to better business outcomes. In this timely book Jason Apps has succinctly connected maintenance plans with lifecycle asset strategy management. He illustrates typical pitfalls and ways to avoid them and points out the need for periodic review and update of plans and strategy, a practice that typically is not performed or done poorly. Especially useful in this period of digital transformation, the bullet lists and descriptions of tasks that must be performed to change an organization’s culture and drive performance provide a roadmap to success that leaders in all types of businesses should follow. I urge anyone who has a stake in asset management within their organization to digest the contents of this book. Jack R. Nicholas, Jr., P.E., CMRP, CRL, IAMC, BS, MBA, CAPT USNR (Ret)

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