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10 Minutes a Week to Great Time Management - Paperback

10 Minutes a Week to Great Time Management - Paperback

SKU:by Joel Levitt, 218 pages

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10 Minutes a Week to Great Time Management starts the journey with a strategic overview of time management. The work is organized around a new three-part model that can instantly make a difference in how you view your day ahead: Right Mind, Right Tools, Right Thing.

Sometimes the busiest person is not the most productive, and the most productive person is not the busiest. The reason is that the most productive person knows what to do--maybe with a vengeance--and where they can procrastinate. Creative and intentional procrastination is an essential skill for the mastery of time management. One key learning from 10 Minutes a Week to Great Time Management is that high-priority work is a dozen times more important (by studies in the insurance industry) to achieve your goals than low-priority work. Choosing the right activities is the number one strategy for anyone wanting to do well, get ahead and generally feel decent about life. 10 Minutes a Week to Great Time Management recognizes that times have changed. Social media, text, instant messaging, video calls and e-mail are new productivity tools and new pitfalls to anyone trying to manage their time. The research is clear; the advantages of multitasking are an illusion, and intense multitasking decreases productivity. Heavy users of social media and all the other new communication modalities are rediscovering the advantages of scheduling time for communication as well as time to think. Having time to think is another critical learning from the book.Time management is a life journey that increases in importance as your life moves on. Time management allows you to fulfill commitments while keeping your sanity. Say yes to time management!

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